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Our Partners

New Zealand Rotuman Fellowship (NZRF) works with a number of partners to support our cultural , language and community initiatives. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to speak Rotuman to join the group?

No. NZRF warmly welcomes individuals of Rotuman ancestry, regardless of their proficiency in the Rotuman language or familiarity with Rotuman customs and traditions.

Is there a cost to be a member of the group?

  • Community Members do not have a cost.
  • If you would like to cast a vote or stand for office bearing roles at the NZRF Annual General Meeting , there is a minimal yearly membership cost. 
    • $20 per working adult. 
    • $10 for students above 15 / part time workers
    • Free for above 65 years old.

Please refer to NZRF Subscription and Memberships for more information.

How often do regional groups meet?

Meeting schedules and events vary by regional group. Please visit our homepage and click on the link for your region of interest to learn more.

What if I live in a region that is not listed?

  • Please contact your closest NZRF regional group
  • Should you ever find yourself in a region where a NZRF group is active, we encourage you to join their events without any hesitation.

I would like to collaborate with NZRF on an initiative.

New Zealand Rotuman Fellowship (NZRF) works with a number of partners to support our cultural, language and community initiatives. Please reach out via the contact details form above.

I want to celebrate Rotuman Language Week at my workplace or school, can someone help me?

Awesome! Please contact us via the contact form or details above.

How can I find out more about Rotuma?

I want to travel to Rotuma, how can I do that?

  • If you want to travel to Rotuma, you can take a boat or flight from Fiji. It’s important to note that transportation issues are not uncommon, so it’s advisable to plan your trip with some flexibility. Accommodation options on the island are limited, particularly if you don’t have family there. This is because there are no hotels in Rotuma. However, some families have begun offering AirBnB services, so this option may be worth considering.

I need something translated into Rotuman, can someone help me?

  • Please contact NZRF via the contact form above.
  • NZRF has worked with partners for translation services and Rotuman language media events.

I'd like to find a relative who is Rotuman, can someone help me?

  • Facebook has been a great platform for connecting Rotumans all over the world. It might be worth exploring this option if you’re looking to connect with others in the Rotuman community or find a relative.